Best Hair Dryer for Curly Hair: An Honest Guide

best hair dryer for curly hair

Curly hairs may take different forms from loose to tight or to stylish. but whatever you choose for fashionable, no split ends, and you can wear it in assortment of styles.

Having those wonderful curls may seem like you are not putting effort on making them look wavy, glossy and fabulous. But in reality, you are always caring for them just like me using the best hair dryer for curly hair.

Keep in mind that all types of curls are constantly affected by different factors. such as climate, weather conditions, medications, health conditions, stress, hormones and etc.

The Best 2 Hair Dryers for Curly Hair

I have used many hair dryers over the years, which enabled me to set high standards on what to use. I usually set a hair dryer that allows me to wear my hair in assortment of styles. In order to have glossy curls at all times, I attempted to search for the best hair dryers that are available in market.

imageproduct nameWeightratingprice
Best Hair Dryer for Curly HairRevlon Perfect Heat 1875W Fast Dry Dryer2 pounds4.0$$
Best Hair Dryer for Curly HairRUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer1.1 pounds4.4$$

Why Buy The Best Hair Dryer for Curly Hair? 

To achieve perfect looking curly we usually visit the salon times monthly. But unfortunately this is quite expensive and sometimes it is not bound to happen. So if you are keen on sporting seamless curly hair you must equip yourself with your own hair dryer to steer clear from frizz, to have your hair wear different styles and to let it dry faster.

Things to be Considered Before Buying

There are lots of hair dryer variants on the market and it makes buying one a daunting task. Below are factors you need to consider before buying a hair dryer that suit for you.

  • If you really want to embrace lovely curls try to make it look natural so it will complement your face well. You must opt for a hair dryer that tames frizz. This implies that you need a hair dryer that don’t get too hot and comes with a diffuser. Keep in mind that heat can impair your hair, so set moderate heat to obtain desirable outcome.
  • If you want to shift to having a straight hair you need not a diffuser to achieve it or set your hair dryer to moderate heat setting. Just use an attachment and concentrator nozzle to maintain the much-needed hot air, and a strong wattage setting of over 1,500 watts to make your naturally-looking curls transform into smooth and straight hair.
  • Having a difficult time warding off frizz. Worry no more, as you just need to choose a hair dryer that comes with a ceramic technology. In case ceramic hair straightener will not ring a bell to you, this particular product is cinched to put frizz at bay. So this implies that hair dryer with similar feature is bound to get rid of frizz with zest and gusto!

Since I already made the research for you, there is no need on your part to hover seas of product reviews about hair dryers on the web particularly in online retailers. Feel free to read my detailed reviews about which hair dryer is suitable for you:

Detailed Reviews of the Best Hair Dryer for Curly Hair

Among the hair dryers that available on the market I personally picked two.

Revlon RV544PKF 1875W Tourmaline Ionic Dryer

The Revlon RV544PKF 1875W Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Dryer should be on the top of the wish list for ladies with curly hair. Since this device pounces on ceramic technology you are rest assured that you can stave off frizz. This awesome device which comes in various heat settings is perfect for ladies who like to shift from straight hair to curly hair and vice versa.


The Revlon Ionic Ceramic Dryer boasts of features such as:

  • 1,875-watt power
  • Ceramic technology that is baked three times to ensure equal distribution of heat,
  • A couple of heat or speed settings for silky smooth styling and drying,
  • A cold shot button that emits cool air to preserve the style you have just made
  • Attachments like diffuser and concentrator.

Good About It

Just set the heat and speed settings to low to help you come up with wavy and glossy curls. Overly hot air brings no harm and the device enables you to control the frizz. With this device you are cinched to look elegant and professional-looking without the added charge.

This hair dryer can also provide you a new look, that is, having sleek, soft and shiny hair. It is capable of straightening your curls, taming frizz and protect your hair by adjusting the heating and speed settings of the hair dryer.

Should Be Improved?

The only problem you could encounter with this particular product is its short cord, but this is forgivable though since the device offers awesome features already.

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Rusk W8less Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer

The cliché small but terrible best apply to the 2000-watt Rusk W8less Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer, an extremely light hair dryer that is loaded with immense power. This wonderful hair dryer is spruced up with tourmaline and ceramic technology that could easily tame frizz. This device is also more than capable of turning curly hair into sleek and straight hair.


The features of the Rusk Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer include:

  • A 2000-watt motor that is beefed up with ion generator
  • Ceramic grill which is infused with tourmaline and can be seen in front
  • 7 speed and heat settings with superb cold shot
  • 8-ft power cord
  • A concentrator nozzle

Good About It

This device can be a great addition for someone who want to transform curls into sleek and straight hair. Since it feature ceramic technology and 2000-watt power, you can attain different speed and heat you like. In addition, the device’s 8-feet cord allows you to use the device with comfort.

What Should Be Improved?

The caveat: the Rusk Hair Dryer is indeed a great one in straightening curls. but unfortunately the device doesn’t have an infuser which can be bought separately.

But this shortcoming can easily overcome with the device’s awesome power. You also have the option to transform straight hair to curls again if you like.

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Conclusion on The Best Hair Dryer for Curly Hair

So which one stands out as the best hair dryer? In my own viewpoint the two devices are simply amazing. but if you linger to have a hair dryer that is perfect for curly hair. then it is better to choose one that comes with different ways of styling curly hair. With that said, my pick would be the Revlon Ionic Ceramic Dryer. because it boasts of features that will enable you to make seamless curls. This device tames frizz with relative ease and it is very flexible to use in styling your curly in many ways. The versatile device can also straighten hair, thanks to concentrator and diffuser attachments.

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