Top 3 best hair dryer for frizzy hair

best hair dryer for frizzy hair

Conair Pro Yellow Bird Hair Dryer

Yes, it is a hair dryer, not a toy gun. i am surprise when i glimpse it. it is designed like a toy, and kind of fun. but Conair Pro Yellow Bird Hair Dryer. the best hair dryer for frizzy hair.
This is the blow dryer that my stylist used it on my hair. i remembered during that period, my hair usually frizz and don’t know why, but my hair dryer can’t get rid of it. so i ask my stylist for help. and she used this Conair Pro Yellow Bird Hair Dryer on my hair.

best hair dryer for frizzy hair

No cold shot button

On most of hair dryers, there is a attachment called cool shot button. after the intensity of the heat, you should press it down to get cold air, help to reseal the cuticle layer of hair, seal it into your hair, make your hair more healthy. but this Conair Pro Yellow Bird Hair Dryer, there is no this button to press, you should switch the heat and cold buttons up, and you will get the cold air.

Broad applicability

This Conair Pro Yellow Bird Hair Dryer featured 4 heat and speed settings that give you more choice to control it. it can be used in different family members because of different types of hair. my sister have short and fine hair, and i have long, thick even coarse hair.this blow dryer can applicable us friendly. you don’t need worry fry your hair if you have short hair. as well as pretty confident use it on your thick and long hair.

Attachments equipped

One of my friend is a licensed cosmetologist, she told me she love the attached comb most. which make the blow drying simple. in addition to that, it attach Concentrator nozzle, which let you blow the spot you want.

Pick the one you want

This Conair Pro Yellow Bird Hair Dryer have 4 colors to choose, BlackBird, GoldBird, SilverBird and YellowBird. especially for YellowBird, the price of it is about 40, but the performance come along with those expensive blow dryers even better. with this price, you can 1875 watts power combine with 8 Foot cord, dual protection thermal system and attach Straightening pic and Concentrator nozzle. these features can make the hairstyle you want but don’t need pay too much.

Remington  Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer

Some of people know about the technology equipped on hair dryers that are ceramic, titanium and tourmaline. and understand what they used for. But few people know about the pearl technology that used on blow dryer. at least i don’t know.
This Remington Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer use this material to make your hair more smooth and style. how it work? let’s discover together.

ceramic hair dryer

Pearl speed up

This hair dryer equipped with ceramic pearl technology, make your hair more smooth. and the 1875 watt ac motor speed up your 40% faster than other hair dryers on the market. which mean it save your about 15 minutes every time drying.
In addition to this, the attached concentrator let you have sleek hair. the diffuser help your hair curling.

Pearl is great for your hair

This Remington Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer cover with crushed pearls. which stay dormant under ordinary conditions until activated by heat. then Act on your hair and help your hair more sleek and health.

This blow dryer come with 2 speed and 3 heat settings,  also with pretty snazzy design.  i believe it value of your money.

Combine Pearl Technology with Ionic  for Healthy Hair

For achieving salon-quality hairstyle, this hair dryer use the perfect match: pearl and ion, to give your hair more healthy and smooth.

From above, we know how pearls technology in this hair dryer. In order to improve the product performance, the manufacturer introduce ionic technology to protect your hair from frizz. with all these factors, this Remington Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer give your hair sleek and shine.

The 1875 watt AC motor makes it last longer than other dryers, some people use it for over 3 years and it still keep the great performance. it is easy to carry, just drop it in the travel bag and you go out of home.

BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Hair Dryer

Frankly speaking, I don’t know what the difference between the porcelain and ceramic in the past. so i decide to deep into it and figure out.
I have used a hair dryer that cover ceramic, the smooth cover make your hair dry faster, but i don’t know why.

best professional hair dryer

This BaByliss PRO Carrera Professional hair dryer featured commercial grade porcelain, as well as cover ceramic that people love. as we know, most of dryers made with metal or plastic, the porcelain dryer coated in porcelain that provide heat more even. and remove moisture from hair easily. generally, the porcelain model hair dryer suit for all types of hair.

Prevent frizz and dry quickly

This blow dryer combine porcelain with ionic technology can prevent frizz effectively and dry hair in less time. the ceramic technology generates far-infrared heat prevent your hair from damage and penetrate hair from the inside out. which eliminate the need for those products that keep your hair well to some extent.

Easy to use

Just turn it on, move around your head, then done. super simple huh? It featured 3 heat and 3 speed settings as well as cold shot button. some user mentioned it somewhat heavy, but i don’t think so, it coated porcelain make it smooth and comfortable to hold.

Frankly speaking, i have to point out one small flaw that other hair dryers have the same thing, that some user reported the attachment pops off when using, This is really annoying, but it happen occasionally. so we don’t need over concerned.


Above are the Top 3 best hair dryer for frizzy hair, they are just dozens of bucks, but with professional style, and provide tons of features to make your hair more sleek and healthy.  Of course, each hair dryer have their own unique features. you can pick them according to your need. if the price you can accept and the features match your need, then it is the right one for you.

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