Top 2 best lightweight hair dryer

best lightweight hair dryer

Some people think that there is no difference between the type of hair dryer products. Also, almost the same whatever the price of them. because the basic function of blow dryer is dry hair. that is true to some degree. the more time you spend on your hair, the more understand the whole process of drying.

Do you have the experience of that, your stylist doesn’t want to dry your hair since your hair is long and thick. then you pick one blow dryer and dry yourself, you find that you can do it without problem, even you can straighten it or some simple hairstyle. although you can remove the water in hair, but take a long time. the worse thing is, your arms are too tired to carry.

And then you come to the conclusion, you should get one best lightweight hair dryer as soon as possible. thus, you can not only dry hair yourself, but also save money in the salon.

Below are the two best lightweight hair dryer you can review.

RUSK hair dryer W8less Professional 2000 Wattbest lightweight hair dryer

Flexibility of power choice

Most ordinary hair dryers only have two or three power settings, you may set it too high and damage your hair.this blow dryer featured with 7 Heat and Speed Settings, so you don’t worry you turn too much power to dry your hair. you can set it one by one to choose the most appropriate one setting, and protect your hair from too much hot.

A small design flaw

The attachments of this blow dryer can help improve the result of drying, more quickly or better attachment of this hair dryer is concentrator nozzle, and some consumers reported the nozzle is easy to slip off when you drying. which is somewhat annoyed when you want to control your hair. but this is not a big deal, some people find that if you don’t set the highest power, the nozzle working well with no problem.

Minimum noise

Because of the running high power motor, it is hard to keep a hair dryer silent. But it is possible to reduce the noise to minimum. This one RUSK professional hair dryer is designed the lowest noise that You won’t feel the buzz near your ears.  which is very nice when you need to use it for a long time.

Extremely lightweight

The last one, we come to the most outstanding feature.This RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt hair dryer is extremely lightweight that less than 1 pound. which is great for those who have thick and long hair. and those who need to make various of hairstyle usually. you can hold it for a long time of continuously running when drying your hair, with arms no tired, no hurt.  I usually make hairstyle need hold blow dryer for about one hour, blow, heat, cool down and frizz. after the whole process finish, my arms still happy with no tired.In addition to this, the 2000 watts powerful motor help the dry process quicker.

Overall, this is a great hair dryer that combines powerful performance with good price that suitable for most of the people. it may have small flaw. but I can’t complain. after all, it featured ceramic and tourmaline technology as well as super lightweight. the filter can be removed and cleaned. dry fast and protect your hair from damage. I believe it definitely values the money and you will come back in the future.

Pro Beauty Tools Professional Lightweight hair dryer

best lightweight hair dryer

Before introducing this Pro Beauty Tools Professional Lightweight hair dryer, let me tell you about my hair. I have long and thick hair, and every time. It takes me about 25 minutes to dry it. if I need make a simple hairstyle, may take extra about 20 minutes. So, for speeding the hair drying process, I usually dry it with a towel first. Sometimes, I even let it air dry.

Dry hair fast

This Pro Beauty Tools Professional Lightweight hair dryer featured 2000 watts motor and tourmaline ceramic technology, which let me dry my hair in about 10 minutes, which cut down the dry time about 60%, I am satisfied with it.

Ionic technology

This Pro Beauty Tools Professional Lightweight hair dryer featured with ionic technology, which saturates the airflow to reduce the size of water droplets, so more moisture infuse into your hair, make your hair more soft and shiny and reduce frizz.

Ceramic and Tourmaline technology

The far-infrared heat of ceramic can penetrates hair evenly, drying hair in a fraction of the time with great results. in addition to this, the natural gemstone delivers the most hair condition ions and fast drying, far-infrared heat make your hair more healthy and shiny.


In the past, I have used a heavy hair dryer, my arms feel tired for long time drying. so I searching for one that light to hold and with a long cord. This Pro Beauty Tools Professional Lightweight hair dryer design is 25% lighter than most other dryers. which makes it easy to handle. especial for those who have thick and long hair like me.

Make salon shine hair using the best lightweight hair dryer

If you want to make a salon style hair, you can follow below steps by using the professional lightweight hair dryer.

  1.  If you want to get the better result, you can remove moisture by using a towel. then use clips to divide your hair into several sections.
  2.  For the bottom of the hair, you can set the dryer the highest speed and heat, at the same time, using a brush to style hair as you want. don’t forget to use the attached concentrator to blow the spot you want. which makes your hair more smooth.
  3.  Release the first section clips and start style the second section hair, repeat the whole process until you finish all hair styled. bear in mind, don’t concentrate one spot for too long time, or your hair will be damaged.


Above are the top two best lightweight hair dryer, you can pick one according to your needs. the cheaper one is the Pro Beauty Tools Professional Lightweight hair dryer is $49,  its features can meet most of the people’s needs. for the first one, RUSK professional hair dryer, price $79,  rave reviews,  4.3 out of 5 stars. if you want to see more detail and reviews, you can  Click here


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