best professional hair dryer for hair stylist

best professional hair dryer for hair stylist

I have owe one best professional hair dryer, and just use it only for drying hair, which is my think of. until when i made hairstyle, my stylist told me that i didn’t use it best out of. in fact, the best professional hair dryer can do lots of things.
Then i searched about the professional hair dryer online after i came back. i found i missed lots of things. and learned the information about the professional hair dryer.

What types of the best professional hair dryer?

In general, the professional blow dryer including three types : Ionic, Ceramic and Tourmaline.

  • Ionic hair dryer : the hair dryers equipped with ionic technology release negative ions into your hair, dry hair in short time.less time mean your hair expose to less heat, and less damage to your hair. 
  • Ceramic hair dryer : the ceramic hair dryer featured with ceramic technology spreading the heat consistently,can prevent hair from extra you don’t need to use the higher setting to dry hair. prevent your hair from damage.
  • Tourmaline hair Dryer : this type of blow dryer usually more expensive, and work more effectively thank ionic dryers.

Best professional hair dryer list

InStyler BLU Ionic Hair Dryer – Top rated hair dryer

The highlight of this dryer is let you choose what level negative ions you want. which make your hair lessBest professional hair dryer frizzy and more shiny. this technology together with powerful motor dry your hair 2x faster than those ordinary hair dryers.

This BLU Turbo Ionic hair Dryer equipped with a powerful DC motor, which can produce strong airflow to help you dry hair faster. the design make it styling, and lightweight make you comfortable when you using it.

One great feature is infinity dial rolls down and up that you can custom airflow level you want, and make your hair more smoothy and shiny. which is great different from other dryers only have 2-3 speed settings.

  • The weight is super light
  • Features a powerful motor let you dry quickly.
  • Equipped an infinity airflow dial rolls.
  • Low ions and turbo ions settings to choose.
  • The strong motor makes it loud when working.

HSI professional hair dryer – salon grade hair dryer

Best professional Hair DryerAs one of the best hair dryer, HSI professional dryer let you don’t need pay so much in salon and still can make great look hairstyle. because of the powerful 2200 watt motor, combine with infrared and turbo ionic technology, this blow dryer give you the hairstyle you want.

It equipped a removable filter that prevent your hair from over hot.  the cool shot and heat settings make your hair more healthy and smoothy.

This HSI Professional Hair Dryer with ceramic and Infrared Technology Suitable for every type of hair to use.

Details & Features

  • Equipped with Ceramic technology, that 40% faster to dry your hair
  • Removable filter to avoid overheating and the motor can use long life.
  • three heat and two settings.
  • Weighs lighter than standard hair dryers.
  • Easy to use and hold in hand.
  • A very quiet dryer.
  • Dry hair 40 percent than other dryers.
  • Might not work well for thick hair
  • more expensive than other dryers

RUSK Professional 1900 watt hair dryer – Best hair dryer under $100

best hair dryer under $100Thanks to the ionic combine with CTC lite technology, you are pleasure to get the result that dry hair fast and good look hairstyle. this blow dryer equipped with Titanium and ceramic technology provide your great performance and salon look for your hair.

It featured CTC lite technology, with this hair dryer, you can straight your curly hair easily.

It is a 1900 watt motor but quiet hair dryer, and affordable for under $100, which is suitable for most of consumers.

With attached diffuser and concentrator nozzle, cool shot button, several heat & speed settings, you can style your hair easily and don’t need pay expensive in salon.
  • Diffuser and concentrator nozzle for hairstyle
  • 1900 watt motor for drying quickly
  • Ergonomically designed for hold comfortable
  • Light weight and easy to handle
  • Some people find it overpower and need to turn to cooler setting For thick long hair
  • more expensive than other dryers

Babyliss Pro ceramix Xtreme dryer – best professional hair dryer

BaByliss Pro hair dryerThis hair dryer featured a 2000 watt power turbo motor and the life of motor is 5X times than the ordinary blow dryers. The ceramic technology can produce even infrared to dry hair and prevent hair from damage. The blow dryer is light weight and quieter when running than other dryers.
The concentrate nozzle help enlarge the air pressure to make the dry easily. and you can adjust the speed and heat settings to suit your hair texture.
This hair dryer is suitable for different types, such as thin, thick, short, long etc.
  • Featured 2000 watt motor to dry hair fast
  • Produce gentle far-infrared heat to prevent your hair from damage
  • Equipped with 6 heat and speed settings for different needs
  • Make your hair less frizzy and more smoothy.
  • It is somewhat heavy for some people
  • The cord was not as long as some people’s needs

What to be considered before buying best professional hair dryer

Power of motor

The motor of one hair dryer like as the heart of our body. how strong the motor determine how fast you dry hair. so, if you want to dry your hair in shot time, you should pick one with at least 1875 watt motor.

Stronger motor usually mean more expensive, but it is worth, because it save your tons of time , and reduce the time your hair expose to heat. which mean reduce the damage to your hair.

Speed and heat settings

The settings of the hair dryer is used for dry hair fast or make hair style. if you want to dry hair fast, you can turn to higher heat; and you should turn to lower at the end of dry. or your hair may be damaged by extra hot. in common, most of hair dryers have several settings for user to choose for different needs.


Most of ordinary blow dryers attach diffuser and concentrator nozzle. the nozzle is used for focus the airflow to the spot you want to dry, and the diffuser used for drying curly  and reduce the damage to your hair.

The technology factors

Some professional blow dryers equipped technology design for more power and more functions. such as Ionic, Ceramic and Tourmaline. these technology factors improve your hair dryer performance drastically. they make the dry process more fast, prevent hair from damage and make your hair more shiny and smoothy.


Now you have the information about the best professional hair dryer for hair stylist. before pick one, you should know your hair type, your needs and the characteristic of blow dryer. it is not the price higher , the better. the key is suit for your hair type and need.


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