Best professional hair dryer 2017: how to choose

Best Hair Dryers 2017

If you want your hair to look fantastic and shiny at the same time, you must buy a professional hair dryer. Buying cheap and poor hair dryer you will waste your money and time because such kind of hair dryers are noisy, difficult to use and can’t change your hair for the better. In this article, you will find several tips how to buy the best professional hair dryer.

The differences: Cheap and Best Professional Hair dryer

First of all, let’s understand the difference between cheap hair dryers and professional hair dryers.
Cheap basic hair dryers are good for those who use hair dryers for its main purpose: to dry hair. If a girl doesn’t do any complex hairstyle and use a hairdryer quick blast then she can buy cheap hairdryer without any problem.
On the other hand, we have a professional hair dryer. It gives the opportunity for a variety of hairstyles. Professional hair dryers have a lot of functions. You can choose the temperature which best goes with your hair and finds the way to create a professional hairstyle. If you like to change your hairstyle every second day, then it will be good for you to buy a professional hair dryer. It can be more expensive but you will have a fantastic result.

The power and weight of the dryer

Before buying a professional hair dryer you need to make sure it is powerful enough to create beautiful hairstyles. The more powerful is hair dryer the quicker you will get your hair dry.
What about the weight of the hair dryer. Every girl has this kind of problem if she has long hair. When a girl starts to dry her hair, in the middle of the process she gets tired holding the hair dryer. She needs a rest. Do you think you have encountered such problem if your hair dryer was lighter? So buying a hair dryer you need to pay attention to its weight. If it is possible to hold it for a minute or two to understand if it suits you or not.

Each hairdryer for each type of hair

Best professional hair dryer

It is important to know that there are differences between hairdryers depending on the type of the hair it will be used for. The reason for this is that each type of hair obeys hairdryer in its way.
• Let’s start with one of the most difficult hair types : frizzy hair. Having frizzy hair is very hard. It takes hours to straighten frizzy hair. You should find a hair dryer, which has a narrow concentrator nozzle. It will help you dry your hair in sections. For this kind of hair, it will be good if the hair dryer is made of ceramic tourmaline.
• The other hair type is the easiest one: straight hair. If you have straight hair, I congratulate you on that. You are one of the happiest people in the world because you don’t have the trouble of straightening hair. The only thing you should do with your hair is to give it more volume and shine.
• There is another hair type which is also very difficult to straighten: curly hair. Girls who have curly hair always want to straighten it all the time. It is very difficult to straighten curly hair depending on the curliness of the hair. Curly hair also has a bad feature, when they straighten they can start to become wave if the weather is wet. The best hair dryers for such kind of hair are the ones which can dry hair in section as for frizzy hair.
So you should take into consideration the type of your hair and the things which will be good for drying your hair.

Right Extras


hair dryer attachment

One of the features of professional hair dryers is additional extra. Extras are the things which go with the hairdryer and make it even better for use. Here are some features below:
• Cool setting: This feature gives the opportunity to cool your hair after finishing drying it. Cooling hair is important because it gives shine and volume to hair while keeping your hair overheated can have a bad effect.
• Diffuser: Diffuser is a wonderful extra for the hair dryer. If you have curly or wavy hair, it is the best option for you. The diffuser is an attachment which snaps onto the end of the hair dryer and producers hot air for a particular part of your hair. It is very comfortable because you can use it whenever you want.
• Concentrator nozzle: Concentrator nozzle is an attachment like diffuser which snaps onto the end of the hair dryer. The difference between diffuser and nozzle is that diffuser help to curl hair while concentrator nozzle is the best way to straighten your hair. You can use a brush with concentrator nozzle to make it even easier to dry your hair.
• Ceramic technology: Ceramic technology is a good feature for a hair dryer. It makes hair shiny, preserves moisture and also, which is more interesting, reduces the frizz. It also doesn’t let the hair dryer burn your hair.
• Hanging loop: Hanging loop is a loop at the top of the cable. With this loop, you can hang the hair dryer while it is getting cool. If your hair dryer doesn’t have a loop it is okay.
• Tourmaline technology: This technology uses negative ions to seal hair. It is a good feature helping your hair shiny as ceramic technology
• Power cord: It is something which you may think unimportant, but, believes me, it is important. Sometimes when we want to dry hair in front of the mirror, we realise that the power cord is too short for that. There is a variety of hair dryers with different length of power cords: mainly they are less than 2 metres and more than 3 metres. Choose the one which suits best for you.
These are the main attachments for hair dryers. Paying attention to all these things you can choose a hair dryer which completely suits to you.

Reading Reviews

There is another thing which will help you choose best professional hair dryer: reading reviews. Reviews aren’t part of a commercial, so they are real. You can read what people think about a particular type of hair dryer. You can decide what hair dryer too but by taking into consideration all pros and cons. Reviews can really be helpful because you can see what to expect from a hair dryer or what kind of problems you may encounter if you buy it. You can even chat with a person who has the hair dryer you want to buy. She or he can tell you about it everything, all its advantages and disadvantages. Commercials always praise their product mentioning only its advantages: Watching them you can conclude that the product is ideal.

So the main difference between reviews and commercials is that reviews are opinions of consumers and not the producers.

These are the main things which will help you to find and buy the best professional hair dryer ever. Having a good hairstyle makes you feel more confident and beautiful. Anyway, you must remember that you are beautiful . Also remember putting on hair mask before drying your hair. There are special masks used after washing your hair and before drying it. Such kinds of hair masks help you protect your hair from heat and the danger of burning or hurting it.
So try to find the best professional hair dryer which suits you perfectly and you can do everything you want with your hair easier and better.

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