3 Best Travel Hair Dryer 2017 – Guide and Reviews

best travel hair dryerAre you searching for the best travel hair dryer for your holiday?

When we on travel, it is difficult to visit a salon or find a hair stylist. but we need dry our hair or keep hair look the best. so a travel hair dryer is important. store it in your traveling bag then leave home. very convenient huh?

But there are tons of travel hair dryers on the market, it is time-consuming to pick one that all features meet your needs, and the price is affordable. and there are more and more travel hair dryers springing up every day, meaning it is more difficult to look for the best travel hair dryer suit for you.

So, if you are looking for the best travel hair dryer for your holiday or trip, this is the right place you are coming in. below are the top 3 best travel hair dryer on the market and you can pick one for your need.

Wazor Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer – Mini Size For Travel

Best Travel Hair Dryer This Wazor ionic hair dryer equipped a 1000 watts DC motor, and it is so small and compact that great for travel or business trip. it is super lightweight that only have 0.9 pounds.
It is born for those who usually travel since it only half the size of an ordinary hair dryer, it is so compact that you just need to store it in your luggage bag and leave home.
It features cool shot button, which can lock in hair the style, makes it all-purpose and great for different hair styles. Also, it has high & low settings for you to control it best and style your hair.
Equipped double safety net is another great design of this blow dryer, which can prevent hair from being sucked into the blow dryer and don’t need worry the security issues.

Key Features

  • Mini hair dryer equipped 1000 watts
  • High and low settings for control best
  • DC motor make it low noise and lightweight
  • The filter can remove
  • Small, simple and easy to use
  • A mini 1000w DC motor.
  • Super lightweight only have 0.9 pounds
  • Easy to hold and use.
  • One year replacement and two years warranty.
  • The price is low and almost everyone can affordable.
  • Used for home better but not for salon grade.
  • Take some time to dry hair since the motor is 1000 watts.

MHD 1875w dual voltage hair dryer – best dual voltage travel hair dryer

Best Travel Hair DryerPowerful motor

It featured an 1875w DC motor that makes this hair dryer lightweight. It designs like the plane turbine can provide powerful wind to dry your hair fast, the manufactory said it can dry your hair in about 5 minutes if your hair is not thick or long.

Dual voltage

This MHD 1875w hair dryer is designed for using in the US, so if you will travel to foreign country, you will need a plug adapter to make it work normally

Ceramic ionic technology

It combines ceramic with ionic technology make it a versatile tool for hair care. Sending negative ion to balance the positive and negative ion and remove the static electricity, lock the moisture, make your hair more shiny and healthy.

Easy handhold and removable attachment

The handle of This MHD 1875w hair dryer can folder and you can pack it easily in your luggage bag, save the place. in addition to this, the concentrator removable for cleaning easy.

Key Features

  • Equipped powerful 1875 watts
  • Features Cool shot button
  • Ionic Tourmaline air outlet technology
  • The concentrator can remove
  • Powerful DC motor.
  • Foldable handle for an easy pack.
  • high-off-low settings.
  • The price is low.
  • Need plug adapter when you travel outside of US.

T3 Featherweight Compact Hair Dryer – Best Travel Hair Dryer

 This T3 Featherweight Compact hair dryer equipped a 1200 watts motor. the Ceramic and Tourmaline technology let this blow dryer generate strong air flow under the soft and gentle speed condition. the ionic technology help generate negative ions, keep natural moisture, remove static, diminish frizz and enhances smooth and shine. far infrared technology can generate heat evenly achieve dry hair in very short time.
It features dual voltage make sure it can use all over the world (need plug adaptor). with handle foldable, help eliminate the storage space, just fold and pack it into luggage bag then on your happy travel, very convenient huh?
It attaches concentrator nozzle, helps you dry the spot hair you want. The scratch resistant surface design makes it looks new after using several years. the dimension of it is 9 x 4 x 9.8 inches and weight only 1.8 pounds make it very light.

Key Features

  • Featured 1200 watts motor
  • Scratch resistant surface design
  • Attach a stylish travel tote bag
  • Ionic Tourmaline SoftAire technology
  • The concentrator can remove
  • Lightweight and best for travel
  • Stylish surface design.
  • Foldable handle for saving spaces.
  • The cord is 9 feet long and with cord wrap.
  • Lightweight and easy pack.
  • 2-year warranty
  • This hair dryer is somewhat expensive for some people.
  • The Concentrator nozzle pop out sometime.

This T3 Featherweight Compact hair dryer is somewhat expensive, but the great performance of this quality product receive 4.2 out of 5 stars customer rate. The Ionic Tourmaline SoftAire technology and lightweight for travel make it definitely worth the price.

The best travel hair dryer Buying Guide

A hair dryer with Ceramic and Tourmaline technology help emit heat evenly and dry hair faster as well as achieve hair shiny and smooth. so if your hair is curled, you should pick one with diffuser and cool shot button attached. which will prevent your hair from damage by overheat and make hair glossy.

Travel usually need to carry lots of luggage, so the content in the luggage bag lighter is better. for this, you can choose a foldable and the lightest travel hair dryer, which help you save your bag space and make transport easy.

Different country has different electric voltage. In the USA, the electric voltage is 110 volts while other districts such as Asia, Europe and Africa run 220 volts. In order to use your blow dryer in all countries, you need to choose a hair dryer that features dual voltage and a plug adapter. which can work in all countries.


The best travel hair dryer features combine technology function with a powerful motor and easy to use. In order to have a pleasant journey, you also need to consider the electrical voltage of country and hair styles. the best travel hair dryer can meet everyone’s need and give travelers enjoy their trip.

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