Panasonic Hair Dryer Nanoe EH-NA95-RP Review

Panasonic hair dryer review

Something that looks weird usually arouses the curiosity of people. I am no exception. in fact, I tend to like those weird little things such as hair dryers and razor. this has nothing to do with aesthetic, neither with fashion.

Panasonic hair dryer first impression

You may know what happened when I come across this Panasonic hair dryer Nanoe EH-NA95-RP. Yes, I like it. the design is novel and weird, the appearance of it like a duck head. the color is hot pink, which can raise your spirits when placing it at front of you.

But I am a sensible shopper, I will not open my wallet just only it looks good. no matter how cheap it is. until I make sure it is a big frog in a small pond.

Panasonic hair dryer review

Panasonic hair dryer key features

  • Save your time significantly

In the past, I usually pay about 20 minutes to dry hair, then about 10 minutes to straight. the working way of this Panasonic hair dryer Nanoe EH-NA95-RP is different from other dryers. which can save your time as much as 20 minutes. which means you can do all the job in 10 minutes.

Another shining part of this item is it can make your hair smooth and shiny enough in short time.

  • Clever settings

Most of the hair dryers on the market have different power settings, and others with more features have temperature settings. this Panasonic hair dryer Nanoe EH-NA95-RP equipped more clever settings. for example, you can turn to skin setting if you want to facial mask, which prevents hurt your face. if you want to dry your hair, you can turn to the scalp mode. in short, this hair dryer is so clever that can meet your different needs.

  • Convenient to carry

I often travel around the world, and usually carry hair dryer with me. so pick one foldable dryer is important. it doesn’t take too much space. you can fold the handle at the end of the barrel and pack it in your baggage. pretty convenient huh?

  • Multi-functional

In the past I bought several hair dryers, each of them only can achieve one purpose. I want to buy one can meet my different use. this hair dryer can dry hair in short time, as well as make hair straight and smooth. that is great, it saves my money to buy another dryer for a different purpose.

  • Suitable for thick and long hair

I think this hair dryer was born for those who have thick or long hair. the power of it can save your lots of time. if your hair is short, you don’t need pay so much to buy it.

Other features

Medium power: This Panasonic hair dryer equipped a 1200 watt motor, which is medium power but still can dry your hair quickly. consume less energy but do the better job. pretty good huh?

Nano ion:The manufacturer design this hair dryer release negative ions. which can prevent moisture loss and lock it into your hair, helps you have healthy and shiny hair.

Weight is light: As we know, hold a heavy blow dryer is tired especially when you have long and thick hair. this Panasonic hair dryer weight only 0.585 kg, which is definitely light. you can hold it a long time to style your hair.

Remove static electricity: some girls don’t know why her hair frizz, because of the static electricity. our hair tends to generate static electricity, which hurt your hair’s texture. this feature of Panasonic hair dryer Nano-e EH-NA95-RP help you remove static electricity, make your hair looks shiny and smooth.

Remember one thing, this Panasonic hair dryer Nano-e EH-NA95-RP is 100V voltage. so if you travel to other countries, you should use a voltage converter.

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This is the multi-functional hair dryer that contains all of below features: hot and cold rhythm mode, mineral anion Platinum nozzle, light weight negative ion, remove static lightweight and you can carry it with you. in addition to that, you can dry your hair in short time and make your hair smooth and shiny.


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